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Sunday, October 17, 2021




I will tell you a true story This story is on a witch This is the story of a 1947 A mother and son worked in an American village They had very large land holdings and had a very good livelihood Mother's name was Sona The son's name was Jon By finishing work in their fields at night Beer used to go with his friends When he finished, he would go out with his friends Her mother loved jon very much Sona often asked her friend when Song Jon would get married "I want to," he said I have only one son and I will marry him to a beautifull girl His mother asked him when he would marry her He said that he would marry a beautiful girl like you Hurry up to our house, my son, my age is coming out now. Show me the face of your Show me my daugther-in-law's face One day it seemed like a big festival of people in America jon and jon's friends are very happy It was supposed to start at nine o'clock at night June's madness and madness's friends planned that We will have a lot of fun meeting today Today we will make friends with our beautiful girls And have fun with them June's June friend and village at the festival There are good food and drink everywhere But jon friends are looking for girls Know the friends that their friends plan in We all fall apart When the girls settle down, we will meet at the hotel But John forbids it, saying it won't be fun John's friends forbid johns John is told that today is a very good day and today we are No matter what happens today, we will keep setting the girls John friends all separated John's time I'm hungry, I eat first Two of his friends didn't do the planning And then again We haven't been to the hotel since john John waits for them at the hotel for a long time After waiting a long time, John leaves for home Being too late The shortcut goes by the wayside Where a huge cemetery falls Where there is a very dark group and the path is very dangerous As John is leaving, the young man hears the voice of a girl behind him When John looks back A very beautiful girl is standing He knows who you are and what you have been doing all night The one who talks to them John looks at her beauty The gril john tells them why don't we talk here all night John sits there at the girl's request And John talks to her all night When morning comes, the girl says I'm leaving John says tell me your name The girl gives her name as Maria And then she leaves When he gets home, his mother will be worried about where you were "I was with my friends," he says I know I was worried about you Who says I'm not a kid anymore? And John goes to bed and falls asleep The next day the young man's friends meet Johns friends laugh out loud We went with our girlfriends Who ask their friends if you got a girlfriend Where did you find it? The west is so beautiful in your gril friend John's friends ask if you enjoyed it By the way, you have your own conversation The young man's girlfriend says she took me away John's era asks when you will enjoy it Knows she is so beautiful i will marry her Who tell their friends what you want When he is working in the fields He thinks I have to meet this girl again today When the john takes her to the cemetery John also finds Maria standing John asks Maria if you are sitting alone in such a dangerous place "My father is very strict," she says That's why I meet you here secretly Knowing that I want to meet your father Maria asks why you want to meet my father John says I want to marry you Why does Maria need to see my father? I am ready to marry you He says your father will not be angry She says she won't know And we will both get married He says you have to meet your mother He says why can't you meet me during the day She says there is a reason She says I am leaving now She says don't take your mother tomorrow "I will not put my mother in such a dangerous place," he says She says Take your mother a little farther and bring her here for a while So I am very surprised at that And she wonders why she doesn't want to leave The next day his mother is taken to the place where the girl was found His mother asks, "Son, why did you bring me here?" Naha is a very old cemetery Mother, the girl I love comes and meets me Maria is naked in front She is surprised to see mother She is surprised to see Maria is very beautiful John's mother asks Maria Son, what are you doing here so late at night? My father was very strict," she says That's why I hide here His mother says it is a very dangerous placed Where do you live in such a dangerous Graveyard Maria speaks or I'm a member behind the cemetery In it, she asks her mother if she likes John Maria's loved like her very much My mother said that there is an elder in your house Talk to you soon and keep up the good content She says yes I have a father but he can do a lot I will get married before then. I don't need to see my father," she says Her mother says why not meet Maria's Time My father is the number one alcoholic She says that when she speaks I will marry her She says no, I will stay with her for a few days I want to see John is not like my father John's mother agrees John and Maria There is a graveyard here and they start living in behind One day he comes home late from work Maria is sitting in a very strange position Put your hand on your shoulder Maria asks what happened to you If Maria turns back If Maria turns back His face is very scary And John runs away from there in fear When he gets home Her eyes are full of fear She also comes running to John's potion She says, "John, what happened to you? John says that Maria is a witch I was already skeptical," says john's mother June's mother also goes to Church father John's mother told the father that there was a witch's shadow over my son Father says that whatever you tell them, don't go out of the house anymore You have to do what I say And Father John begins treatment And so many days pass And life begins to recover Come to visit John's friends They say, "It has been a long time since you met us." Father forbade that You will not mention this to anyone "I'm not feeling well," he says Who tell their friends that Now you are about to recover John speaks how he His friends say the festival is coming up again Don't tell me, , no, I didn't go there You go to this festival When he runs a few days later When the festival comes So John's two young men come to him And who went to his mother and father They say come with us in the festival John forbids me to go to the festival His friends say he's going to have a lot of fun today John says, "Well, you go out. I'll be ready."It's been a long time coming and I've got it right And it is a matter of one day I will go today, I will not go Again john is not at home when her mother returns home John has gone to the festival Who deceive their friends again And alone at the Leech Festival john And the man who waits a long time Finally, in john, I have to go home alone from the festival John when he is returning home at night You see Maria stands in front Maria's appearance was horrible How big were the fingernails of your Had grown up Her eyes were turning red and red Maria said, "My secret is known." I will not leave you alive nowAnd what they are shouting from there As long as John is running John Jagger also ran here and saw that ours was already there mariaJohn was screaming and shouting at his mother Save me mom save me Maria stands right behind himShe drops her fingernails on his face And her eyes pop out The head separates it from the body And the whole thing is eaten John and John's friend spent the night looking for where to go Let's see what his body is lying in a cemetery Let's see what his body is lying in a cemetery Johns mother cried and spoke quietly That I john forbade them not to go out of the house 

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